There are three hospitals that are very popular with expats in Beijing to deliver their baby. Beijing Family United Hospital (or BJU), Amcare and Oasis. These are also the most expensive hospitals, with BJU being the most expensive at 56.000 kuai for natural delivery package (3 nights excluding epidural). All are located in the Lido area in the north east of Beijing, with BJU and Amcare literally around the corner from each other. They all have English speaking doctors or translators at hand. I gave birth at BJU, but have also heard positive stories from friends about Amcare and Oasis. If you have the time and energy, have a look at them and meet with the doctors to see where you feel most comfortable.

BJU also has clinics in CBD and Shunyi, meaning you do not have to go out to Lido for your ob/gyn appointments. Some people choose to do their checkups with International SOS clinic and only go to another hospital for the delivery.

Oasis was opened most recently. According to a recent comment (Spring 2014) the package deals for prenatal care and delivery were comparable to Amcare, but facilities were much nicer and they have some international doctors.

There are of course also many other hospitals that do deliveries in Beijing. Some hospitals now have international wards. Popular options include the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, Peking University Hospital and HarmoniCare. You will find that doctors and nurses will likely not have many English skills, except perhaps for these international wards. These hospitals are cheaper, but foreigners are still often charged in excess of 20.000 kuai for a delivery package. In this Beijing Kids article you can find an overview of hospitals, experiences and (2013) prices.

In popular years like the year of the Dragon, hospitals can get fully booked very soon. But the next year of the Dragon will only be in 2024.

Brief overview of hospitals

Hospital Name English speaking doctors Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Other locations Birth information given Other Remarks
BJU Two foreign ob/gyn doctors on staff, rest English speaking (proficiency level varies). Yes Has clinics in Shunyi and Central Bussiness District, very practical for prenatal checkups if you live around there. You can do a weekend course (2 mornings, 1500 kuai per couple). Info includes stages of labour, giving birth, breastfeeding etc. Also helpful for partners who do not have time to read books about it. Due to the popularity of BJU, it can be hard to always see the same doctor for prenatal checkups.
Amcare Always a translator at hand. Not sure No Materials available in Chinese. Many ultrasounds included in the package. Large delivery rooms.
Oasis Yes, at least one available. Yes No They have regular talks on various topics but no specific sessions on births at present. Oasis is very new, opened end 2012 but becoming a popular option for delivery.



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