Expat magazines in Beijing

the beijinger

One of the many expat magazines, The Beijinger, has an active forum

Currently, there are five expat magazines published in Beijing- and I may be missing some. They are all free, published bi-weekly or monthly and can be picked up at expat oriented restaurants, language schools, shops et cetera. They provide a good overview of everything that goes on in the city, though some seem to focus mostly on new restaurants. Two magazines are aimed at parents, but also contain articles of more general interest. The websites for the magazines usually provide an overview of things to do in the coming weeks and a directory of restaurants and shops, but also sports clubs and schools.

10 Fun Things to do during the Beijing Winter

This is my first winter in Beijing. Although I do not find it as bad as some had warned, it is very cold and the city feels different than in the other seasons.

Here’s some tips to make the most out of this season:

1.Go to the Great Wall, for a hike or an overnight stay.

The Great Wall is, well, great in any season. As long as you put on warm clothes and layers and sturdy shoes, you should be fine. Beijing Hikers organizes day trips all year round. It’s also possible to stay overnight near the Wall, for example at Shan Li Retreats (also great for groups) and the Schoolhouse near Mutianyu.

2. Go ice skating in the park

Once the park lakes are frozen, it is possible to go ice skating. Houhai is a popular place, and the Summer Palace lake is supposed to be nice as well. Skate rental on site, although for those with big feet it might not be able to find skates in your size. Continue reading